ALAFQ latest Info was themed around Aquatic Architecture and Design for commercial pool setting. Held on Tuesday 29th May, ALAFQ would like to thank the Logan Aquatic Centre for hosting the event. Also, a special thanks to all the members and key note speakers in attendance.

Don’t miss our next ALFAQ Session 2nd August at SPLASH! Expo on the Gold Coast

This session will be themed around the annual awards and run from 10am – 3pm with the Awards dinner held in the evening. More details to be advised as we get closer to August.

Aquatic Architecture Design Session Wrap

Our key speakers covered off a range of aspects to architecture and design for aquatic centres, including:

Yuri Dillion – Liquid Blu, delivered great information about the current trends in aquatic centre architecture and design and recent case studies of projects recently completed.

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Andrew Williams – WSP, spoke about the current trends in sustainable design and the drivers pushing the awareness and change, along with the best way to start your sustainable journey.

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Garry Wenck – Leisure Engineering, shared with the group a small portion of the vast knowledge he has accrued during his career of designing and refurbishing commercial swimming pools, taking a holistic view.

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Dan Kwaczynski – Poseidon Drowning Detection, informed the group about the new ISO standard for Drowning Detection technology with some very interesting interaction to demonstrate how hard it is to detect swimming in trouble who are drowning

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Patricia Flores – Architecture & Access, we all know how valuable aquatic centres are for the health and wellbeing of people from all walks of life particular people suffering disabilities. Patricia shared a range of information on the latest legislation, issues and options to improve facilities for all guests.

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Download the presentations:

ALFAQ – Architecture and Design

ALFAQ – Architecture Deisgn Gallery