Key Steps to consider to reduce your energy costs and reliance on the Grid

Energy costs comprise of up to 20% of an Aquatic Centres operating expenses. Experts expect this to double in the next 5 years. How will you deal with energy becoming an even more substantial proportion of your budget?

Simons Green Energy provides the technology for aquatic facilities yo realise massive savings on their electricity bills while lowering carbon emissions through the installation of Cogeneration.

According to Allan Depaoli, Castle Hill RSL Club, Facilities Manager

“With several months of reliable and low cost operation, I am convinced that this has been an outstanding investment for the club.”

Castle Hill RSL Club operates an Aquatic Centre with 4 indoor pools, fitness centre and gymnasium. After the first year Castle Hill RSL Clubs Aquatic Centre saved approx. $80, 000 on electricity.

What is Cogeneration?

Cogeneration is an extremely efficient technology that converts natural gas into electricity and heat in a single process using a gas-fired engine and generator. The waste heat  is recovered from the engine and used for space heating, water heating, process heat, steam for sterilizing or other heating requirements. The key is cheaper and cleaner electricity with FREE heating for an aquatic centres pool.

Simons Green Energy will be hosting the next ALFAQ Industry Breakfast Forum on Friday 20th September

Offering Feasibility Study to ALFAQ

Simons would like to offer all members of ALFAQ the opportunity to receive a Free of Charge site visit* and an in depth feasibility study to ascertain if Cogeneration is a good investment case for their club.

  1. We will do a walk around the venue to establish the overall layout of the venue. We are looking for the following..
    1. Is there connection to Natural Gas (or Biofuels)
    2. What is their average electricity usage per month
    3. The electrical and mechanical layout of the site
    4. General venue layout to see if the installation would be an easy of difficult
  2. An in depth feasibility study is done by SGE team of engineers where we analyse electrical and gas bills. From this SGE will design the suitable energy system as well work out the investment case for CHP.  Simons Green Energy’s specially designed modelling system assists in choosing the correct equipment for the project.

* Site visit are dependent on the location of the Aquatic Centre in QLD

A little about Simons Green Energy

Simons Green Energy, is a leading provider of Sustainable Energy, Heating and Cooling solutions in Australia.  We design, supply, install and commission Cogeneration and Trigeneration Systems for a wide range of applications and industries.

Simons Green Energy is part of Simons Boiler Co, one of the main manufacturers and supplier of boilers Australia wide since 1932.

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Simons Green Energy List of Current Projects

Installed and under construction

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Castle Hill RSL Club – Stage 2

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