Justin Scarr (CEO) RISSA (The Royal Life Saving Society Australia) has proposed an Australian Water Safety Strategy 2030 conference/webinar to promote the Strategy to a wider industry audience. This event is tentatively scheduled for late May (either Thursday 27th May or Friday 28th May) and are seeking ALFAQ member’s feedback on this planned event.


  • Purpose
    • To engage industry stakeholders in the implementation of the Australian Water Safety Strategy 2030
  • Format
    • Three panels of subject matter experts
    • Focus on discussion and audience participation, moderated by a facilitator
  • Hybrid event
    • Held at the conference venue in Sydney
    • External supplier engaged to live stream the event, allowing for remote participation, which is to be promoted widely
  • Date and time
    • Tentatively scheduled for late May (either Thursday 27th May or Friday 28th May), 10:00am to 02:30pm
  • Cost
    • Royal Life Saving will cover the cost of logistics and management of the event
    • We will need to pass on attendance costs to those who can attend in person (to cover the cost of catering)
    • No cost for remote participants

Justin has asked that after reviewing this draft program would you please:

  • Provide feedback and/or suggestions to the draft program
  • Let me know if you see any substantial issue with the proposed date options
  • Provide an indication if you would be likely to attend, and any estimate of stakeholders who you think would attend (for planning purposes, as we will set up a simple registration process)

Don’t hesitate to give him a call if you would like to discuss.

Justin Scarr

Ph: +61 2 8217 3112

Mob: +61 408 434 011


Skype: justin.scarr1

Twitter: @justinscarr