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With exceptional member benefits, it is becoming more obvious that commercial suppliers, organisations and individuals within the leisure facilities industry cannot afford to pass up the opportunity to join the ALFA alliance!

The ALFA alliance offers a range of membership packages for commercial suppliers, organisations and individuals. Specifically those categories are:

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Services & Benefits

ALFAQ provides members with the following services & benefits

  • Advocate on behalf of industry with regards to WH&S standards & regulations, industrial relations, chemicals, pool safety & signage
  • Management advice on industry costs
  • Networking opportunities for facility operators/managers memos or articles in e news letters
  • Showcasing new initiatives and updating current trends in the aquatic industry
  • Develop a structure for Nth Qld representation to feed in to the ALFAQ and ALFA national agenda and issues.
  • Develop a facility accreditation system
  • Guidance and development in setting an industry code of practice