On Tuesday 27th November, ALAFQ held the latest Learning Session themed around the topics of facility manager accreditation and marketing for public pools at the Yeronga Swimming Complex.

This Learning Session was split in to two parts. The first focused on manager accreditation with the view to creating strong pathways for career development for commercial aquatic centre staff and creating robust training programs for upskilling.

The second part of the ALFAQ Learning Session focused on the topic of marketing for public swimming pools and included some great information about digital marketing best practice and social media engagement strategies.

Keynote speakers included:


Dan Kwaczynski, ALFAQ – Manager of Aquatic Centre (MAC) Program – www.alfaq.org.au

Paul Barry, RLSSQ – For Centre Managers: Revised Aquatic Manager Facility Award – www.rlssq.com.au

Brendon Ward, ASCTA – For Duty Managers: Aquatic Supervisor & Duty Manager – www.astca.com


Lex Duncan, Reload – Digital Marketing – www.reloadmedia.com.au

Gary Weis, SBIM – Social Media Marketing – www.sbim.com.au

ALAFQ would like to thank Shelly Douyere and the Yeronga Swimming Complex for hosting the event and also a special thanks to all the ALAFQ members and key note speakers in attendance for making this another great event.

The next ALFAQ session is scheduled for 20th March 2019 at the Sunshine Coast, stay tuned for more details.


Download the ALFAQ Presentations